SOR Clan Battle Record

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SOR Clan Battle Record

Post by {SOR}Antifreeze on Tue Jun 11, 2013 6:12 am

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Conquest (PS2) **Retired**

SOR defeats Elite 2-1 (Aids, Achilles,Antifreeze)
SOR defeats WFH 2-1 (Aids, Shreder, PBR, Kdog1800)
SOR defeats SDU 3-1 (Antifreeze, Parallel, BJ1996)
SOR defeats BA 3-0 (Aids,PBR)
SOR defeats <?> 3-1 (Aids, Antifreeze, PBR, Parallel, Kdog1800, Vern)
SOR defeats FEAR 3-0 (Aids, Antifreeze, Vern)
SOR defeats DA 2-0 (Antifreeze, PBR)
SOR defeats TUK 3-0 (Dragon, Parallel, Vern)
SOR defeats RAC 1-0 (Antifreeze, Aids, Vern)
JOG defeats SOR 3-2 (Antifreeze, Aids, Kdog1800, Dragon, Latino~heat, Shreder)
SOR defeats SDJ 2-0 (Aids, Legion, Latino~heat, Achilles)
SOR defeats RX2 2-1 (Antifreeze, Aids, PBR, Vern, Dragon, Ranger)
SOR defeats RX2 3-0 (Aids, Panic, PBR, Kdog1800, Vern, Delta)
SOR defeats RX2 5-0 (Aids, Antifreeze, PBR, Vern, Delta)
SOR defeats SDJ 2-1 (Aids, Antifreeze, Panic, Parallel)
SOR defeats RX2 3-0 (Aids, Antifreeze, Latino~Heat, Kdog1800, Vern, Shreder)
SOR defeats JKO 2-0 (Antifreeze, Latino~Heat, Joshua333, Headshrinker)
MERC defeats SOR 3-1 (Antifreeze, Kdog1800, AKM, Joshua333, Shreder, Achilles, Cyclone, Axl)
SOR defeats MERC 3-0 (Antifreeze, Joshua333, Headshrinker, Parallel)
SOR defeats UJR 2-0 (AKM, Joshua333, Kdog1800, Welcome Wagon)
SOR defeats FEAR (Joshua333, Headshrinker, AKM, Axl, SG-17, KDog1800
SOR defeats DD 4-1 (Antifreeze, AKM, Joshua333, Kdog1800, Shreder, Latino~Heat, Destroyer*, Axl, Parallel, Panic, Ranger, Captian Jose)
SOR defeats LOE 2-0 (Parallel, Destroyer, Twinkie)
SOR defeats TRS 3-0 (Axl, Destroyer*, Headshrinker, Joshua333, Snipa00, Delta)
SOR defeats SDJ 2-1 (Joshua333, Headshinker, Shreder)
SOR defeats LDS 3-0 (Joshua333, HeadShrinker, Destroyer*)
SOR defeats SOS by forfeit
SOR defeats ASO 3-0 (Snipa00, Joshua333, Destroyer*)
SOR defeats TROT 3-0 (Destroyer, Delta, Axl)
SOR defeats DD 4-0 (Joshua333, Destroyer*, Axl, Snipa00, Kdog1800, AKM, Shreder, Antifreeze)
SOR defeats AOD 3-0 (Headshrinker, Destroyer, Joshua333, Juvenile, and Vayne)
SOR defeats MOH 3-2 (Destroyer, Joshua, Snipa, Parallel, KDog)

Overall Record: 30-2

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Jedi (PS2) **Retired**

SOR defeats Ninja (Crazyfoo, Achilles, Mastaisac, Dragon)
SOR defeats LOE (Crazyfoo, Mastaisac, Shreder)
SOR defeats GOR (Achilles, Crazyfoo, Mike)
SOR defeats FOE (Crazyfoo, Spooky)
SOR defeats UJR (Crazyfoo, Achilles, Welcome Wagon,Mastaisac)
SOR defeats DJO (Achilles, Welcome Wagon)
SOR defeats SOTN (Crazyfoo, Myself, Mastaisac, Shreder, Antifreeze)
SOR defeats Ninja (Achilles, Mastaisac, Shreder)
SOR defeats DJO (Mike, Welcome Wagon)
SOR defeats GOR (Antifreeze, CrazyFoo, Welcome Wagon)
SOR defeats LOE (Mystery, Classic)

Overall Record: 12-0
General of SOR
General of SOR

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