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Parallel was always the fighter in SOR with the most potential.

He came to SOR along with his good friend Phobia after they were both kicked out of the <?>.

Parallel would fight along side, PBR, Antifreeze, Aids, KDOG, and Vern every night. Here is where he earned his trust and respect. Parallel's record in battle is a perfect 6-0. Not only is this a perfect record, but he has been in major battles where he has aided SOR to victory. He fought against the <?> in a 6v6, in the 12v12 against DD, and against the hated LOE in a 3v3.

Parallel is the youngest member ever promoted to a council member. Time and time again, he has proven his worth to the clan. Parallel has won the bullseye award for SOR 3 times. The bullseye award signifies, a member of SOR who displays the most skill in battle.

Over time Parallel has matured, and has been proven to be a legend of SOR time and time again. If it be him cranking Livin on a Prayer, or grunt sniping you. Parallel is greatness, and is not only a legend of SOR but a legend of StarWars BattleFront 2

R.I.P. {SOR}Parallel

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General of SOR

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