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The General of the legendary clan SOR. Antifreeze was once in the legendary clan named BOJ. During that time however as i'm sure you all know BOJ began to fall apart... As Antifreeze saw his first clan fall apart he began to look into further options. Antifreeze along with the help of his brother Aids created the household name SOR...

Now during this time SOR was considered to be a small fry compared to the likes of JOG, SDJ, and <?>. Yet even with all of the gossip surrounding SOR, Antifreeze proved everyone wrong by defeating many opposing clans. Right off the bat it was Antifreeze's strategic thinking that destroyed <?>. As the months went on more and more clans started to see SOR as a big fish. Antifreeze was described as the fearless leader of the pack. Many clans tried to knock SOR down to its feet but could not. Antifreeze had proven his worth on the conquest side but still felt that something was missing from the roots of his past....

As it so happened Crazyfoo and Mastaisac were thinking about rebuilding BOJ. Antifreeze thought of the opposite. He suggested that the newly formed jedi team of Mastaisac and Crazyfoo be put in SOR. Crazyfoo and Masta agreed. If it was not for Antifreeze's suggestion there would have been no SOR jedi.

Who can forget the glorious triumphs Antifreeze has made in the past. Was it not Antifreeze who led the pack to almost defeat JOG in a legendary conquest battle. This carved the way for respect to the SOR clan in many ways. Or how about the other countless battles held under Antifreezes belt? For you see, Antifreeze was born a leader. He has given SOR courage when others didn't see it. He has done it all. But he has never been considered a legend of SOR.... Antifreeze you are a legend of SOR.

General of SOR
General of SOR

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