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Achilles truly is the achilles heel of SOR..

Shortly after Mastaisac and Crazyfoo made SOR jedi. Achilles jumped ship from SDJ to SOR. The trio set up matches and scrims together guiding themselves to a 12-0 record..

They were unstoppable, a trio like that hasnt been seen since the days of Jeff, Chicali, and Mr.Clean.

Achilles taught many of the SOR jedi tricks on how to improve. He is always on the website to aid his members, teach them, and befriend them. Very few can rival the skill of this young jedi. Trained by Zombiethirteen, Achilles has dominated this game for many years now..

What he has done for SOR alone is amazing. Not only has he fought for the jedi, he has occasionally filled in on conquest to aid SOR to victory.

Achilles has become a true legend in this game, a top 10 jedi of all time, and a legend of SOR.

R.I.P. {SOR}Achilles

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