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Joshua333 is the scrimmage master..

Joshua came to SOR shortly after an argument with the <?>. Along side was his friend Headshrinker. SOR had fought many times against these 2 and were glad to have them on their side.

Weeks after being in the clan, Joshua was promoted to council member. Since then he has fought numerous scrimmages. Too many to count actually. He plays the game daily, helps train the members, and sets up scrimmages as much as possible. If it wasn't for Joshua, many SOR members would be irritated for the lack of scrimmages. Joshua has fought in 2 major battles, an 8v8 against Merc, and a 12 v 12 against DD.

Joshua also is one of the most decorated soldier in SOR. He has been awarded the Attendace award(most online) twice, the Bullseye award(most skilled player) twice, the Leader of War award(best leadership skills) twice, and Most Valuable Player award once. One word sums up Joshua and his career with SOR.. Legendary..

RIP {SOR}Joshua333
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