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The only thing that can describe AKM, is Potential.

AKM had stumbled along the SOR system one day and took part in some friendly battles. It was deathstar CTF. AKM spawned in in the Laser room and right away killed 3 clones coming around the corner. Right after that AKM noticed the flag carrier behind him so he went to take point. As AKM entered the hall toward the center room he was down to 1 grenade, and 1 mine, and 4 rockets, he noticed an enemy mine in the middle, instead of using the grenade he went to shoot it because he had several rockets. Just as AKM fired the flag carrier jumped over my left shoulder trying to go over the mine and met my rocket. AKM was told he was a team killer right away and should be booted. He tried to plead his case stating it was an accident and that he was a team player. No one was hearing it and he was told to leave. AKM was then booted for teamkilling. At that point AKM was determined to go after {SOR} tags! A couple days later AKM went into {SOR} to see if he was banned, it turned out he wasn't. AKM saw all {SOR} tags, He thought ok I am going to kill every single one of them. About 10 minutes later AKM had a conversation with Aids. A map or two later he told me to check out the SOR forum. AKM checked out the forum was given a [6th] spot. Approximately a day later AKM had a scrim with Kdog ,PBR and Parallel against =RX2=. The next day when he checked the forums he was promoted!

AKM was the first member of the [6th], and had set a record with the fastest promotion to the {SOR} squad after he had faired extremely well in a battle with {SOR} members. The counsel was extremely impressed with how well AKM listened to orders and how he responded when trouble was near.

SOR is AKM's first clan, and he has proved his worthiness to the clan. Antifreeze was quite impressed by AKM's maturity, immediately after meeting him. With the departure of Ranger, Antifreeze promoted AKM to {SOR} Ambassador, a huge step up from freelancer in a matter of a couple weeks. Not only is AKM a great rocket, he also has a young son who has been known to shoot a gun extremely well. Shortly after his acceptance into SOR, AKM notified SOR about his son AK-47. AK-47 plays much like his father, shows great potential in the game, and looks to be a future diamond in the rough for SOR. Ak-47 was accepted into SOR 6th, not because of his father AKM, but because of his skill in the field. Both these players have become tremendous assets to SOR.

General of SOR
General of SOR

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