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Shreder is a fighter, he fought for all his accomplishments here at SOR. He has become one of the most talented players in the game. One of the best in conquest and assault.

Shreder came to SOR as an engineer trained by Aids. Shreder would eventually surpass the skill of Aids many months later. However arguments would arise constantly with Shreder which eventually lead to his removal from SOR. Shreder came back several weeks later asking to come back. SOR was his home. Crazyfoo accepted Shreder as a jedi. So Shreder's training began. He started 1v1's with whoever he could face. I faced shreder the first time and beat him by 1 kill. We had a couple 1v1's and each one he became better and better.

With the move of Achilles, Mastaisac, Mike, and Crazyfoo from jedi. Shreder was appointed co-leader. His attitude, skill, maturity improved even more then it already was. Shreder became an unstoppable force. With the inactivity of the leaders. Shreder has been given another chance, a shot at becoming co-general with aids.

Shreder can dominate with the obiwan, with the anakin, a sniper, an engineer. He adapts to the environment and uses it to his advantage. He is an elite fighter. A highly trained killer. Each scrimmage or battle it seems as if he improves that much more. Shreder is 2-2 in conquest, he faced the likes of WFH, Merc, RX2, and JOG. Not an easy bunch of clans. Each time he fought mercifully. In jedi Shreder was undefeated going 4-0. Shreder has become a secret weapon for SOR, someone who has had to fought for everything, earn his right to get what he wants, look what it has got him. Co-General of SOR jedi and some great friends along the way. Shreder is the most loyal member of SOR and will always be. Shreder is a legend of SOR

RIP {SOR}Shredder
General of SOR
General of SOR

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