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KDog1800 is the brains of SOR. Cool headed in battle, great team player, will give up a spot in battle for another member. His experience in battle is amazing.

KDog1800 record in battle is 7-2. Dont let this fool you. He may have been in all losses for SOR. But he has had a chance to be in every single battle that SOR has been in.

KDog was recruited by Aids. This was a great job done by aids, seeing Kdog has become a legend of SOR. Kdog along with PBR have always been there for SOR. KDog the silent leader, quiet in battle, takes his orders, and issues them. However in battle if a member fails to execute his orders, that member can expect to not see another scrimmage for some time. KDog has the temper of a saint. It takes a lot to get him going, however if someone smacks talks one of his members. He will be there to defend them to the end.

KDog was always second to Vern as an engineer. Yet he never lost hope. He knew his duties and he stuck to it. He has been in the battlefront game since the beginning and has been recruited by many clans but SOR was the only one for him. KDog is a part of SOR, we wouldnt be the same if he was not here. What he has done for SOR has truly made him a legend.

After Aids had moved to jedi, Kdog was appointed the 6th general. While under command of the 6th, KDog had promoted AK-47, TheSnipa00, Tacoman, Rockethoe, W01fsk7aag. All have done great things for SOR and has made KDog1800 look like a genius for those promotions. After his great job with the 6th, PBR promoted KDog1800 and AKM to Co-Generals. KDog has a forum named after him called KDog's Rancor Pit.

KDog1800 is a legendary SOR member and a legendary friend to all.

RIP {SOR}KDog1800
General of SOR
General of SOR

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