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Post by {SOR}DarkShadow on Tue Jun 10, 2014 10:26 am

This topic i created was for "what you saw at E3" & information discussions.
Mortal Kombat X

They finally revealed gameplay. And i was thankful because that teaser w/ Wiz Khalifa kinda left a werid taste in my mouth. But the gameplay showed..
-Sub Zero is back?
-New Characters?( Insect Woman, Little kid and Giant, Some girl with some helmet, some chick with yellow( I THINK thats Tanya?), Robo samurai dude)
- X-Ray moves are back

Far Cry 4

- Seria, City called Kayat
- The new villain has interesting fashion. He seems to be more calm that Vaas was, but equally as crazy
-Elephants are raw. Cold blooded killers
- Not related to 3 at all.

No Man's Sky

- Copied the ell out of what was supposed to be Battlefront 3( Fly from the surface of the planet to go into space to go to another Planet)

Uncharted 4
-Drake is back i guess
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E3 Thread: General Discussion Empty Re: E3 Thread: General Discussion

Post by {SOR}KDog1800 on Fri Jun 20, 2014 12:03 am

That Battlefront 3 footage is the one Lucas Arts was working before they cancelled it. All I know is that No Man's Sky looks awesome.

FC4 let's you play co-op with your friend even if they don't have the game. How sick is that?
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