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Dragon was one of the first concrete members of SOR.

He began his career as a jedi, but when SOR became strictly a conquest clan. Dragon made the jump. The need for a sniper was in huge demand. Dragon practised for months on end. He became one of the best snipers in the game. In a scrim against the <?> clan, such members as Joshua333 and Headshrinker were in that battle. Dragon went 86-8. Not to mention his mic was broken, so he couldnt ask for health and ammo. That sets a record for SOR in scrimmage. Noone has come close to that mark except ICM who went 94-32 in that same battle.

Dragon was also famous for pissing alot of people off. His teabags were attrocious. Many arguments arose after his teabags, but SOR always stuck with him to the grave cuz they were used to those teabags, and actually enjoyed it. Many new members joined the clan were warned about the teabags, if they didnt like it, they could hit the road. All of them eventually ended up leaving.

Dragon was a true friend, and a die hard SOR member. He did whatever he needed to do to make SOR better. Dragon established many strong relationships here at SOR and he will never be forgotten.

Dragon's clan record was 2-2 in conquest and 1-0 in assault. Don't let his record fool you. Dragon was in the infamous SOR v.s. JOG match were SOR came back from being down 2-0. Dragon got free in jabbas palace and captured a command post allowing the SOR members to all spawn. SOR then won that map and the next map. Mustafar was their best map, which they had never lost on previously, ended up losing by reinforcements. Dragon was also in the warzone tournament where SOR suffered their second loss, which was against SOF.

Dragon will be severely missed here at SOR. A forum has been named after him, Dragon's Den. He truly is a legend of SOR.

R.I.P. {SOR}Dragon
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