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Mastaisac is dominance, not only in this game, but the way he handles himself as a person.

You give Mastaisac a task, he takes it, not only performs it like he was asked to, but excels, and makes it better than you could ever imagine.

Mastaisac came to SOR along with Crazyfoo in an attempt to start a jedi team. Immediately the team took off winning several clan battles. Things were looking good for SOR. He was instrumental in the return of Pope, and Achilles. But also the recruitment of Mike.

With Crazyfoo becoming more and more inactive by the day. Mastaisac was called upon by Antifreeze to lead the jedi team. He made the team better than any could imagine. Scheduling practises, battles, anything to please his members, and improve the clan. When Crazyfoo returned, Mastaisac stepped down and assumed his co-leader position. This shows you how humble this young man is. Eventually Crazyfoo would leave again. This time Antifreeze asked Mastaisac to assume General of the Assault team. With JOG going underground, Mastaisac took SOR to the top, dominating the game. With SOR on top, Mastaisac did what he wanted to accomplish. He is currently aiding in the expansion to Warhawk on the PS3.

Mastaisac guided the SOR jedi team to a perfect 10-0 record, he then passed the torch on to Antifreeze who guided the team to a 12-0 record. Mastaisac has solved numerous disputes within the clan and outside of the clan. What he has done for SOR is unbelievable.

He deserves all the recognition for the reason why SOR jedi is 12-0, Mastaisac is a legend of StarWars Battlefront 2 and SOR.

R.I.P. {SOR}Mastaisac
General of SOR
General of SOR

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