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Post by {SOR}Antifreeze on Tue Jun 11, 2013 6:55 am


Aids revolutionized the engineer at SOR.

When SOR first began, our engineers were Kdog1800, Vern, and Aids. Aids taught both of these legendary SOR members little tricks to make themselves better.. Aids was also highly recognized for the training of Shreder. He was also responsible in recruiting Parallel and Phobia to SOR.

Aids has fought in many battles alongside his brother Antifreeze. Antifreeze was the brains, Aids was the skill. If someone ordered Aids to complete a task. He would be the first to do so without question or hesitation. His skill is unquestionable, winning the SOR award Bullseye(most skilled player) 3 times.

Not only is Aids skilled in conquest, but he is also very skilled at jedi. Aids spent most of his time in his previous clans BOJ and GOR as a jedi, where he trained under Psychopath and Wizard. He is one of the few fighters in this game who can dominate the scoreboard in both areas. Aids' record in clan battles is 12-2. The major battles he fought in were against JOG, SOF, <?>, and numerous times against RX2.

Sometimes Aids goes unnoticed here at SOR, because of the talent by all, but noone will ever forget the contributions he has made to this clan, to this family. He is not only a legend in skill, and training. He is a legend of this game, and more importantly, SOR.
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