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Post by {SOR}Antifreeze on Tue Jun 11, 2013 6:46 am


One of the original 7 members to start SOR.

Vern was an elite engineer. Very few fighters could touch him. When he first came to SOR, he was surprised how skilled we all were when he went up against us in a locked server. Every night PBR, KDog1800, Parallel, Aids, Antifreeze, and Vern would stay up fighting eachother in Coruscant. Here is where they built their trust. Vern was the most skilled engineer. Many times the old man team, consisting of PBR, KDog1800, and Vern would go into battle and dominate. It just wasn't fair to opposing clans. Through the good times and the bad, Vern was always there, quietly watching, making his comments when need be.

When SOR was beginning to expand, the need for a lagless server became apparent. Vern was the one to step up and buy SOR a server. {SOR}Rebellion was what it was called. The first admin announcement on it was "Welcome To Your Hell." This has since been put into the SOR video. With the lagless server, SOR began to strengthen. Vern always watching. Vern was a polite, respectable, and extremely mature man. He did what was needed for the clan with out hesitation or question. However, It was becoming very difficult for Vern to get online seeing that he worked nights and played during the day, not to mention he had a family. Over time, Vern's activity had rapidly declined, many new members hadn't even seen him around. Vern then left SOR.

Vern was an all around great guy, he was one of the most skilled players in this game. Vern's record in clan battles was an outstanding 8-0. He was in the famous <?> v.s. SOR battle where SOR won 3-1. He deserves all the recognition he can get. A forum has been named after him, called Vern's Bunker. Vern truly is a legend of SOR.

R.I.P. {SOR}Vern
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