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PabstBlueRibbon was that hidden gem that noone noticed.

PabstBlueRibbon played in the battlefront galaxy occasionally from time to time when one day he met a young man named Antifreeze in the SSS system. Antifreeze extended an offer to PabstBlueRibbon to join the BOJ system. He was delighted by the idea and accepted to tryout for the BOJ. His one v.s. one against the stranger Antifreeze was a success defeating him, thus being admitted into the BOJ system.

PabstBlueRibbon was making a fantastic first impression in the BOJ system by showing his skill in battle and maturity in war. Antifreeze was quite impressed. What Antifreeze liked most about PabstBlueRibbon was his dedication to the BOJ system. PabstBlueRibbon decided to change his name because of the younglins that were in the BOJ system were constantly asking what it was. He changed his name to PBR. PBR was a new man with new responsibility. Shortly after this change of name, PBR was appointed co-leader of BOJ serving under Antifreeze and alongside Aids. His leadership skills were phenomenal aiding BOJ defeat 4 clans without losing a battle. His ability to put the clan before himself was doing wonders for his reputation in the game. PBR was becoming discovered.

The downfall of BOJ was beginning and PBR's loyalty to Antifreeze was a need in order for Antifreeze to create the new system of SOR. PBR stuck with Antifreeze all the way. Antifreeze succesfully moved the BOJ conquest team to the SOR system. PBR was promoted higher up the Conquest team rankings. PBR and his new partner Kdog1800 responsibilities were higher than ever. They aided Antifreeze and Aids improve the SOR record to an astounding 9-0. PBR was also highly recognized for his skill of discovering tremendous talent in the galaxy that was yet to be part of a system. PBR was the main reason for the acquisition of the highly skilled Vern, Panic, and Latino~heat. What more can one man do for his clan?

General of SOR
General of SOR

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