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Post by {SOR}Antifreeze on Tue Jun 11, 2013 6:49 am


When Axl first arrived in SOR, he was put into the SOR 6th. Axl showed potential immediately, however was very shy on the mic. After getting to know the SOR members, Axl truly blossomed. Blossomed into one hell of a player. In an already packed SOR squad full of talented engineers. Axl didnt have much room to improve compared to the likes of Vern, Kdog, Aids, Parallel, however he did. He took the teachings of each member and became one of the elite of SOR. Over his time in SOR Axl has gone 5-1 in clan battles. He has also won 3 Maturity awards, 2 Zero to hero awards, A Leader of War, an Attendance, and a Bullseye award. What he has become has truly made SOR a better clan, therefore adding him to the ranks of the Legends. Axl You are a Legend of SOR!

General of SOR
General of SOR

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